Products: Belt Conveyor Components

We offer a wide range of high performance and reliable conveyor and bulk handling equipment including rollers and idlers, pulleys, cleaners and scrapers, belt support, skirting, wear components, safety and more…

Conveyor Skirting & Transfer

K-HD Retractable Idler Frame
K-Dynamic Impact Belt Support System
K-Sure® Belt Support System
K-Shield Impact Belt Support System
Belt Support Solution, K-Sure Drop Down Transfer Point
Replacement Conveyor Impact Bars, Load Zone™ Replacement Bars
Kinder Australia Essential Seal Dust Containment Solution
K-Containment® Seal Conveyor Skirting Solution
K-Superskirt® Engineered Polyurethane
K-Ultra Dual® Seal
FRAS polyurethane
high performance engineered polyurethane, K-Super Block Skirting System
K-Speedskirt Hardskirt Plates
K-Quick Clamp Skirting System, clamp skirting
Conveyor skirting clamp, K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp
Skirting Rubber

Belt Cleaning System Products

Polyurethane Blades - Eraser SHD™ - Primary Belt Cleaning System
Eraser Primary Belt Cleaning System
Polyurethane Blades - Super Eraser HD™ Primary Belt Cleaning System
Polyurethane Blades - Eraser HD™ - Primary Belt Cleaning System
Polyurethane Blades - Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System
Erase Primary Belt Cleaning Solution
Polyurethane Blades - Micro Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System
Ceramic Tip Primary Belt Cleaner K-Smartscraper
K-Calibre Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaner
'H' Series Spring Tensioner, Primary Conveyor Belt Pre Cleaner
Tungsten Carbide Blades - 'H' Series Primary Belt Cleaner
FRAS polyurethane
xtc reversing secondary belt cleaner
Secondary Belt Cleaning, Super-G
K-Bar Polyurethane Blade Belt Cleaner
Stabilising Roller
Spraypole 'P' Series Belt Cleaner
'R' Series Secondary Belt Cleaner
Secondary Conveyor Cleaner, 'P' Series Secondary Belt Cleaner
V-Plow Belt Cleaners
Plough Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Conveyor Cleaning Solution, K-Rotabrush® Conveyor Belt Cleaners
K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler

Conveyor Hardware

K-HD Retractable Idler Frame
Replacement Conveyor Rollers & Frames
Steel conveyor rollers, K-Steel Rollers
K-Protector® Return Idler Guard
K-Impact Rollers
K-Return Disc Idlers
K-Flexiroller Flexible Conveyor Idler
K-Weigh Rollers and Frames, Conveyor Weigh Rollers Frames
Conveyor Pulley Lagging: Rubber & Ceramic
Slide Lagging - Replacement Pulley Lagging for Drive Pulley
K-Belt Tension Assembly ,Conveyor Pulley
Conveyor belt tracking system, K-HD Polyurethane Side Guide Roller
Conveyor Side Guide Rollers - K-Side Guide Rollers
Safe-T-Drift Belt Misalignment Switch
K-Wind Guards
Conveyor Belting Side Wall
Sure Grip Belt Clamp
K-Belt Jack
K-Jaw Belt Grab
Eli-Flex Belt & Rubber Repair, Conveyor Belt Repair
K-Maintenance Idler Tag
K-Sure® Return Belt Carrier
K-Wind Guards
K-Anti Lock Roller Shield

Safety & Environmental

K-Wind Guards
conveyor motor covers, K-MotorShield Motor Covers
K-Protector® Return Idler Guard
Collide-Safe Anti Collision Switch
Safe-T-Drift Belt Misalignment Switch
Pull-Safe Pull Wire Switch, Conveyor Safety
conveyor safety product, safe-t-curve pull wire corner bracket
conveyor safety & control product, safe-t-guide
Safe-T-Lanyard Pull Wire Rope - Stainless Steel
Safe-T-Lanyard Pull Wire Rope - LCP
Safe-T-Limit Heavy Duty Limit Switch
Safe-T-Pull Emergency Stop Sign
Conveyor Pull Wire Switch, Safe-T-Pull Pull Wire Switch
conveyor belt tear detector
K-Magnetic Speed Switch, Magnetic Speed Switch