Product: K-Fold-N-Seal Skirting System

K-Fold-N-Seal’s engineered polyurethane skirting, multipurpose configuration contains material and dust at the same time. Made from high performance low friction polyurethane, it has 60% less friction than rubber and is field proven to outlast rubber by 8 to 10 times. Polyurethane is non porous and will not collect fines which can cause belt damage.

The system will retro-fit onto most existing skirting clamps without further modification. The primary seal is 19mm thick and is used to contain the
conveyed material with the flexible secondary seal used to contain the dust.

K-Fold-N-Seal Engineered Polyurethane Skirting

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all belt widths and trough angles.
  • Field tested with 8 to 10 times the wear life over quality rubber.
  • 60% less coefficient of friction than rubber.
  • More energy efficient than rubber.
  • Retro-fits to existing clamping systems.
  • Available in fire retardant, fire resistant and anti-static formulas (consult our sales team for details).

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