Product: Stabilising Roller

The function of the Stabilising Roller assembly is to provide a flat and stable belt surface, free from unwanted vibration and harmonics, upon which the cleaning system can operate.

The reactive force on the belt from the Stabilising Roller, opposes the forces induced by the cleaner, and ensures that the belt cleaner tips remain in contact with the belt at all times. The roller also greatly assists in reprofiling (removing the “memory”) the conveyor belt back to a flat configuration after its transition around the head pulley from the carrying side to the return side.

The Stabilising Roller Assembly is recommended for use where any secondary or tertiary belt cleaner is installed, and where the belt is not supported by a snub pulley or return roller within 1 metre of the last cleaner.  If a return roller or snub pulley is installed within 1m of the last cleaner, a pressure roller is only required to be installed above the return belt.

The Stabilising Roller is responsible for the removal of up to 75% of the vibration and harmonics that are normally present on the belt, within close proximity to the head pulley, and the improved belt cleaning performance and cleaner component life are substantial.

Key Benefits:

  • Adjustable in both height and width, allowing different face width rollers to be fitted to any structure.
  • Vertically adjustable, allowing rollers to be adjusted clear of the belt during change out or if damage is present, without the need to remove the roller.
  • Both rollers are retained via keeper plates to ensure rollers do not fall out when tension is removed from the belt.
  • Standard secondary belt cleaner components are utilised throughout the arrangement.
  • Allows the secondary belt cleaners to operate at their optimum performance level.
  • Full stainless steel construction including fasteners.

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