Product: K-Commander® Control Series

K-Commander® Control Series S & R

Return Side Conveyor Belt Tracking

The K-Commander® Control Series is designed to promote correct conveyor belt alignment.  The unique engineered action of the central ball and socket link is encased in a rubber covered steel tube.  This protects the internal mechanics and ensures that the belt runs true.  A key benefit of the K-Commander® Control Series is that it tracks without any external moving parts, pivots or service rollers and therefore requires no additional maintenance.

The installation of the K-Commander® Control Series is only for the return side, being the most critical surface of the belt in order to maintain belt alignment.  Misaligned or wandering conveyor belts travelling too far either side of the belt’s centre, are often the cause of many other problems associated with bulk materials handling.  This includes material spillage and reduced performance expectations of the conveyor belting and conveyor structure.

Key features:

  • Rubber lagging for extreme wear resistance.
  • No external pivoting parts or servo rollers.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for ease of installation.
  • Available in single or reversing models.
  • Flexibility to install above or below the belt.

K-Commander® Control Series editorial featured in Bulk Online.

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