Product: Polyurethane Blades – Eraser EPQ™ Primary Belt Cleaning System

Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaners play a vital role in keeping conveyor belts running smoothly and efficiently.

The issue of material carryback, commonly referred to as any excess fugitive material that sticks to the underside of the return belt beyond the discharge point at the head pulley is a leading cause of conveyor belt mistracking.

Ideally suited for pit and quarry applications, Eraser EPQ™ is a cost- effective belt cleaner designed for performance and reliability.

Eraser EPQ™ Primary Belt Cleaning System incorporates the same simple, effective and easy to install spring tensioning unit as the Eraser PQ™ with a 184mm tall polyurethane Raptor blade requiring minimal maintenance.

Key Feature:

  • Single pin blade attachment means quick and simple blade change out with less downtime.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes excessive carry back whilst reducing belt wear.
  • Extends service life of belt.
  • Reduces cleaning up costs and maintenance issues.
  • Enhances overall site performance.
  • Improves safety and environmental impacts.

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Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System editorial featured in Dry Bulk Magazine.

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