Product: K-MotorShield Motor Covers

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Ensure your electric drive motors keep performing efficiently and last longer with K-MotorShield Motor Covers, so you can spend more time processing.

K-MotorShield Motor Covers prevents damaging temperature increases caused by blocked airflow.  A motor fitted with K-MotorShield Motor Cover achieves higher airflow though the cooling fins. Dirt and dust particles are pushed through the fins while heavy contaminants, like coal slurry, settle on top of the cover, not in your cooling fins.

Designed in light weight yet durable materials able to withstand conditions in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, K-MotorShield Motor Covers will prevent environmental debris and particles destroying bearings, windings and brushes on drive motors.

They are a simple solution to ensuring motor longevity, proven by results in hundreds of applications worldwide.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases airflow through the cooling fins by 140%.
  • Lowers internal motor bearing and winding temperatures.
  • Keeps motors clean for easier maintenance.
  • Will not corrode or rust. Lightweight, snap-on, durable design.
  • Standard stock sizes for easy fitment to all IEC and NEMA frames.

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