Product: DustScrape – Effective Dust Containment


Within enclosed transfer points on conveyor systems, high pressure can build up which can in turn generate significant dust emissions.  DustScrape emerges as a tailored solution, effectively resolving and mitigating dust formation.

DustScrape utilises a filter cloth that captures fine dust particles produced within bulk material transfers, allowing air permeability to accommodate resulting overpressure.  Reducing the pressure whilst containing the dust allows for a settling of the bulk material.

Available in poly warp and stainless steel option, DustScrape is highly efficient in countering dust and can be tailored to specific environmental conditions.

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Available in poly warp and stainless-steel option.
  • Simple to install.
  • Suits all conveyor belt widths.
  • Maintenance-free and operates without direct contact.
  • Unique self-cleaning feature enables prolonged dust retention.
  • Effective against dust up-drift.
  • Can be used with dust extraction systems.

Contact Kinder for a customised solution for your application.

Synergy with AirScrape®

DustScrape offers a hassle-free solution to dust-related challenges.  With easy installation, durability, and maintenance-free, contact-free operation, it seamlessly integrates with existing dust collection systems.

When paired with AirScrape®, the patented sidewall seal (not included), forms an exceptionally effective system that combats dust generation, contributing to enhanced occupational safety and environmental protection.  DustScrape ensures dust-free conveyor belt operation at a cost-effective rate, eliminating the need for additional energy input.

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