Product: ‘R’ Series Secondary Belt Cleaner

The ‘R’ Series is a secondary conveyor belt cleaner used in bulk materials handling for the removal of fine and sticky materials where it is likely that the belt will reverse relative to the belt cleaner tips.

The ‘R’ Series conveyor secondary belt cleaners are also used as a secondary cleaner behind an ‘H’ Series cleaner for two-way travel installations or may be used singly where space does not permit the installation of an ‘H’ Series.  This cleaner is suitable for mobile trippers and shuttle installations.

The design of the ‘R’ Type cleaner incorporates the use of a rubber cushion similar to the ‘P’ Series cleaners.  The tungsten tips are mounted at 90 degrees to the conveyor belt, with the cleaner installed in a vertical position, creating the same approach angle of tips to belt, regardless of the direction of travel.

As with the ‘P’ Series, the application of water may be used as an aid to cleaner performance by installing a Spray Bar forward of the cleaner relative to its primary belt direction.

A tertiary Razer ‘R’ Series cleaner may also be installed to remove any residual water.

Wet Cleaner Benefits:

1.   A purpose built Spray Bar minimises the volume of water used and places fines into a fluid suspension so that the tips of the secondary cleaner can create a shear path and make contact with the belt cover rather than skid over the fines. This enables a far higher rate of material removal.
2.   The added water acts as a lubricant between the belt cover and cleaner tips so that belt cover life is significantly increased. Particularly so on short centred conveyors with high cycle rates. Similarly, tip life is also extended and lower cleaner loads are required.

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