Product: Adjustable Conveyor Frames

Adjustable conveyor trough frames can be installed at the head and/or tail transition zones of all types of conveyors.  They replace the need to have an already predetermined mounting/feet hole pitch and/or position, whilst using fixed angle transition frames.  The key benefits of Kinder Australia’s adjustable conveyor trough frames are:

Key benefits:

  • Adjustable trough conveyor frames are not depended on fixed mounting positions along the conveyor stringer, unlike their fixed angle counterparts.
  • Adjustable trough conveyor frames are easily positioned before and/ or after obstacles, such as drift switches and transfer chute supporting structure
  • Accuracy or pitch of mounting holes in conveyor stringers is not as vital.
  • Multiple adjustable angle ranges available.
  • Available in both Inline and Offset configuration.
  • Available for all conveyor belt widths.

Kinder can provide on-site Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training; a practical workshop focusing on techniques to minimise maintenance shutdowns.

Measure twice, build once: Kinder’s mechanical engineering improves productivity.

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