Product: Slide-Lag® Replaceable Lagging

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Designed for direct application to the drive pulley, Slide-Lag® can transform any belt system into a high-performance, low-maintenance operation. In addition to providing outstanding increases in the coefficient of friction (traction) between the belt and pulley, Slide-Lag® serves to protect the pulley face and belt cover from damage and provides a self-cleaning action to prevent material build-up on the pulley.

Slide-Lag®’s combination of elastomer compounds and product design features is consistently superior to conventional vulcanized, cold bond or bolted-on pulley laggings. Unique factory bonding system eliminates lagging separation thus making Slide-Lag® ideal for severe service conditions with dual or high horsepower drives or using steel cable conveyor belts.

Key benefits:

1. Exclusive elastomer compounding provides a lagging pad with exceptional drive-pulley traction, abuse resistance, and extra long service life. The
elastomer retains its integrity under the most severe operating conditions.

2. Factory hot-vulcanization under pressure assures the best possible bond of rubber to backing plate. No lagging failures from loss of
adhesion and separation — the most common problems associated with conventional lagging.

3. Steel backing plates are precision formed at the factory to fit the curved surface provided by each individual pulley diameter. Insures proper pad
stability and long life.

4. Rust-resistant metal retainers are permanently welded or bolted to the pulley face to securely hold the lagging pads in place. When properly installed, lagging cannot shift or pull free from the effects of impact, trapped material, or belt or product movement.

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