Product: K-Safeguard Diagonal/Reverse Plough Belt Cleaner

The K-Safeguard Diagonal/Reversing Plough Conveyor Belt Cleaner is designed to clean the inside of the conveyor belt on its return trip and to remove any large lumps that can potentially damage the belt and/or tail pulley lagging if allowed to travel through this area.

Where the K-Safeguard Vee Plough allows material to shed both sides of the conveyor, the K-Safeguard Diagonal/Reversing Plough discharges to one side only and can be used on reversing conveyors.

The K-Safeguard Reversing/Diagonal Plough has been designed for fitting in a trailing position on the return side of the belt at tail and take up.

Fine-tuning of the Plough is achieved through the use of the adjustment nuts that support the Plough body at each end.

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