Product: K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers


Kinder’s K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers maintain the highest standards of engineering design and manufacture.  These rollers aid belt tracking due to an increase in friction of approximately 20%, more in wet and sticky applications.  Carry back is also less likely to build up compared to steel rollers, making way for further improved belt tracking.

K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers can be used for pressure rollers in belt cleaning applications and are best suited on high tension zones on conveyors, where additional shell wear can be seen (e.g convex curves or transition zones).  Available from 45 – 75A durometer rubber with stock rollers 60A.  Approved MDG3608:2012 FRAS 60A and polyurethane 90A durometer is also available.

Key Features:

  • Rubber lagging maintains the replacement K-Commander® Coated Steel equivalent roller diameter.
  • Total Indicator Run Out ≤ 0.5mm.
  • Tighter specifications for high speed and weigh applications available.
  • Shell end disc is pressed from high quality structural steel.
  • The weld between the shell and end disc is located internally within the shell face to ensure belt protection.
  • Recommended to be installed in K-Commander® Direct Series tracking idlers to replace conventional steel rollers.

Key Benefits:

  • Wear is concentrated to the rubber surface which can be easily replaced.
  • An increase in friction of 20% to promote belt traction.
  • Reduction of vibration and noise.

Full test certification is available on request

G40 standard and G16 available.

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