Product: K-Spiromax® Cleaning and Tracking Roller

K-Spiromax® Cleaning and Tracking Roller feature resilient and wear resistant polyurethane spirals that help to remove sticky carry back and assists in belt centre and tracking.

The solution consists of a standard return roller fitted with wear resistant polyurethane rings in a spiral pattern.  Ideally the unit should be positioned over the discharge chute or a collection hopper.

Alternatively, on long sections it is beneficial to employ these rollers only up to the point where the material does not adhere any more to the belt surface.

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Suitable for all belt widths.
  • Can be employed on any part of the return belt section.
  • Left and right-handed configuration spirals promote correct belt tracking.
  • Uses standard return brackets.
  • Not effected by mechanical fasteners.
  • Reduces roller wear.
  • Zero maintenance or adjusting required.
  • Ø140 & Ø166 standard replacement idlers. Ø207 with up to a 6311 bearings available.
  • FRAS (Fire Resistant & Anti-Static) option only available in Ø166.

Polyurethane is extremely durable, lightweight, corrosion/impact resistant and supports a diverse range of applications.  When combined with FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static) provides next level safety and efficiency.  K-Spiromax® Belt Cleaning & Tracking Rollers FRAS option is best suited to stringent underground coal mining, ammonium nitrate manufacturing as well as grain and sugar handling applications, these rollers minimise dangerous fire, explosion, and other ignitable hazards.

K-Vee Return Spiromax® Cleaning and Tracking Idler is well suited to heavy material load applications and industries that use wide conveyor belts, also where build-up on return rollers causes belt damage and mistracking.

This idler system has been designed to be interchangeable with existing Steel/RDRT rollers.  Resilient and wear resistant polyurethane spirals help to clean off sticky carry back on overland conveyors and assists in belt centring and tracking.

The offset design frame eliminates build up from fines on the support structure and subsequently reduces roller shell wear of downstream idlers.

The idler system consists of two standard Vee Return Rollers fitted with wear resistant polyurethane rings and the vee return offset frame.  Ideally the unit is positioned over the discharge chute, a collection hopper or a stockpile.

At Kinder Australia, we’re countering conveyor system inefficiencies.

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