Product: K-Protector® Return Idler Guard

K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is compliant with the safety Australian Standard AS4024.3610.

Conveyor safety guarding is a vital piece of equipment on all installations where it is possible to be classed as a hazard. Conveyor safety guards do not have to be complicated nor interfere with productivity.  Kinder Australia’s K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is a practical and safe solution to provide roller nip point protection.

The K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is designed for convenient access for maintenance and is available to suit all conveyor roller diameters and belt widths. It is lightweight and its design allows for easy but safe access for roller change out or cleaning.

The key benefits of the K-Protector® Return Idler Guard are:

  • Protects the user by eliminating nip points.
  • Compliant release mechanism allows guard to pass through the end plates for maintenance.
  • Available for steel or self cleaning rubber disc return rollers in all belt widths.
  • Acts as a basket to catch roller in the event of idler failure.
  • Composite polymer leading edge protects the belt from wear/abrasion.
  • All standard belt widths available.
  • Custom designs available.

The unit is designed to help minimise the potential for injury. The owner/operator should follow safe work practice procedures and never make adjustments to unlocked machinery.

K-Protector® Return Idler Guard editorial featured in Safety Solutions, Dry Bulk Magazine and Mining Monthly.

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