Maintenance Training

Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training

STOP PRESS:  Are you certain that you are maintaining your conveyor belt to achieve maximum service life and optimal productivity?  Click this link and refer to our updated “10 Ways to Murder Your Conveyor Belt” technical checklist list  – and make sure you are properly caring for your conveyor belt.

Kinder Australia’s Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training is a highly valuable and practical workshop focusing on techniques to minimise maintenance shutdowns and improve conveyor output. We provide troubleshooting tips as well as compliant OHS procedures around conveyors.

All our technical applications team are Diploma or Degree Qualified Engineers, with industry awareness and practical site experience to provide best-fit solutions. Our teams of engineers are also regularly invited to present at seminars and submit thought-leading industry papers on conveyor problems and issues.

“Kinder Australia’s presenters were very knowledgeable in product and problem solving solutions”

“Troubleshooting ideas were explained in simple terms as to what to look for”

“I have a new insight into wear materials… Kinder Australia were not trying to sell me anything”

“Highlighted the importance of doing something different”

“The session covered a wide base of issues including design methodolodgy”

We are committed to the highest level of customer service and innovation to correctly diagnose and defuse potential conveyor safety issues. With our extensive practical knowledge of the operating conditions at bulk material handling sites, Kinder Australia is proud to announce that we now offer Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training sessions either at your site where we can more effectively train around your conveyor belt system or at our premises in Braeside, Victoria.

By utilising our fully assembled and equipped on-site Demo Conveyor, supported by engaging visual presentations, detailed documentation and useful hand-outs, we educate attendees on best practice safety and maintenance techniques gleaned from our extensive experiences at some of the toughest and most challenging sites in the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Anyone with operational conveyor responsibilities

How many should attend?

Minimum of 6 attendees per session

How long is each session?

Half-day or full-day sessions available, depending on your training needs

When should I book?

NOW, the sooner we know what your training needs are, the sooner we can book you in

How do I book?

Phone Marketing Team now: 03 8587 9111 Or Email us now: [email protected]

Kinder Conveyor Maintenance & Safety Training editorial featured in The Australian Bulk Handling Review.