Product: K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp

Dust and material spillage is no longer acceptable in today’s bulk handling environments. Therefore a reliable and efficient conveyor skirting clamp system needs to be considered, addressing the following factors.  Firstly, the system must be simple and adequate to withstand the potential abuse of adjustment. Secondly, it must be universal in its application to accept many forms of skirting materials and configurations. Finally, it must also be able to fit into tight locations whilst remaining serviceable.

The wear and tear of the skirting or sealing material will require the operator to provide continuous adjustment depending on the abrasive wear of the product or the design and functionality of the transfer point. If the skirting clamp is difficult to maintain then the necessary adjustment may not happen or promote over adjustment so that the pressure applied by the skirting seal damages the belt.

Kinder Australia’s K-Lock® Wedge Conveyor Skirting Clamp fulfils the entire practical requirement of a reliable, effective and serviceable system that is free of complications and the need for special tools to maintain correct seal pressure. Therefore any signs of dust can be taken care of during minor plant outages.

All components of the K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp are hot dipped galvanised. Stainless steel options are available as well as customized configurations. Standard skirting rubber can be used without requiring bolt holes to be punched. The system includes all mounting hardware and is simple to install.

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