Product: K-Commander® Direct Series

Misaligned conveyor belts have the potential to cause many problems associated with the conveying of bulk materials. This includes material spillage and reduced life to conveyor belting and the conveyor structure.

The installation of K-Commander® Direct Series will assist with correct conveyor belt tracking.  These are a “pivoting base style”, available in both trough and return applications automatically providing belt centring.  The outboard K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers cause the idler frame to pivot as they contact the belt edge and this swivel action causes the belt to realign automatically.

Standard offset trough profile frames available in 450-1200BW ex stock.

Larger sizes, inline and custom trough profile frames are available, contact Kinder Australia.

To further aid belt tracking, K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers (rubber lagged trough and return rollers) comes standard on the  K-Commander® Direct Series belt tracker.

This results in the following:

  • Better tracking performance in heavy duty applications.
  • An increase in friction of approximately 20%, more in wet and sticky applications.
  • Increased roller durability against the constant scuffing nature roller shells in trackers experience.
  • Increased belt training response.

K-Commander® Direct Series R functions the same as the K-Commander® Direct Series TR.

Instead of having three trough rollers, K-Commander® Direct Series R features just one flat return roller for the return side of the belt.

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