Product: Polyurethane Blades – Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System

The Eraser™ Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaner is an industrial grade, rugged yet versatile primary series type conveyor belt cleaner built around an industry exclusive polyurethane tensioning system. The unique Safe Torque™ ratchet enables easy adjustment of the reliable, spring free Perma-Torque™ urethane tensioning system.

The Eraser™ is a corrosion resistant, fully sealed, dust proof tension conveyor belt cleaner mounted within a heavy duty galvanised pipe on a sturdy steel mainframe. The quick release and durable engineered polyurethane blade is available in various hardness durometers to suit your particular primary belt cleaning application.

Key Benefits:

  • The Perma-Torque™ tensioner provides uniform cleaning pressure and superior cleaning performance.
  • Compact mounting footprint only protrudes 127 mm from mounting structure.
  • Single pin blade attachment means quick and simple blade change out with less downtime.
  • Proven effective cleaning performance with a 184 mm tall Raptor blade.
  • The industry’s most rugged mainframe and blade design on a standard size system.
  • No rusted springs, hoses, cables, shocks or mudpacked components to deal with.
  • Brightly coloured safety yellow end caps seal the Safe-Torque™ ratchet from dust & water contamination.
  • A wide variety of configurations as well as complete stainless steel systems are available.

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Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System editorial featured in Dry Bulk Magazine.

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