Products: Anti-Wear Lining

Our range of engineered, high performance anti-wear abrasion resistant chute lining including polyurethane wear liners and rubber wear liners make a noticeable difference to the ongoing belt conveyor and bulk materials handling maintenance requirements and operational costs.

Polyurethane Lining Solution, K-Superline Polyurethane Lining
Polyurethane modular lining system, K-redi-liner polyurethane
Ceramic Modular Lining, K-Redi-Liner
K-Redi-Liner® KP Dual Duro
K-Ceramat Rubber Backed Ceramic
K-Ceramic Lining Products
K-Trowelable Ceramic Lining
Anti-Wear Lining Products, Eratrowel - Cold Trowelable Urethane
abrasive wear lining, K-Rubber Liners