Product: K-Magnetic Speed Switch

The K-Magnetic Speed Switch is a preset inductive proximity switch. As the magnetic coupler rotates, K-Magnetic Speed Switch opens and closes an electrical circuit a preset number of times per revolution. The K-Magnetic Speed Switch is intended to be used with a PLC or similar device that can monitor the number of pulses per revolution and select a desired output. The exceptions are the MS-SS, MS1S-SS, and MS1SLP-SS which have a built-in 4 second delay and can be connected to a relay. This device is not intended for use in hazardous areas as defined by the NEC, articles 500-504.

K-Magnetic Speed Switch Features and Benefits:

  • Installs in seconds by utilizing a user friendly magnetic design to attach to the shaft.
  • Reduces costly set-up & installation time by eliminating the need for a drill and tap.
  • Break-away design minimizes equipment damage from falling debris compared to a rigid design.
  • Rugged nylon housing is nearly indestructible and will withstand the harshest environments.
  • Visually monitor proper function via an illuminated LED.

Technical Data:

  • Interfaces with most PLCs
  • Handles a wide variety of input voltages from 20-240V AC/DC
  • Standard 2 wire design on the 1-4 pulse models
  • 3 wire design on 12 pulse model where PNP or NPN is specified
  • Rare earth magnets provide 120lbs of holding force on the 2” base, while the 1” option has 80 lbs of holding force.

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