Kinder Australia Pty Ltd has a company history of delivering quality, fairness and innovative thinking as its business drivers.  Every member of our team takes pride in delivering practical and productive solutions and customer service excellence.

Kinder Australia is a privately owned Australian company that is highly respected by its customers and business partners. The company was founded in 1985 by Neil and Christine Kinder and since then has earned a reputation second-to-none by delivering excellence in the bulk solids materials handling industries.  Kinder Australia is a family operation and we believe that our successes can all be traced to family values and an unshakeable commitment to look after our customers and industry partners.

Today Kinder Australia is recognised as a leading independent supplier and manufacturer of innovative and practical solutions to improve and maintain the running efficiency of conveyor and bulk materials handling equipment used to convey a variety of products that include ore, quarried products, grain, sugar, salt and coal.

Our company has an intimate understanding of all heavy process industries. Daily contact with maintenance, planning and procurement specialists keeps every member of our team tuned in to customer specific needs.

With an unlimited global reach and reliable business partners, Kinder Australia is a “Can Do” company that listens to problems and then focuses on the most practical cost-effective solution. Imaginative design capabilities, lateral thinking, rigid benchmarking and an ability to overcome problems makes Kinder Australia an outstanding business partner.

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