Product: K-Safeguard Vee Plough Belt Cleaner

The K-Safeguard Vee Plough  Belt Cleaner is a floating return side belt cleaner, suitable for single direction conveyors. This cleaner will significantly reduce spillage and extraneous material from the return side of the belt and is designed to protect the tail pulley. This will aid in belt tracking and reduced maintenance costs and down time.

Fine tuning of the plough can be achieved through the use of an adjustment turnbuckle that supports the plough nose.  K-Safeguard Vee Ploughs are designed to be self-adjusting, such that as the blades wear, the floating design of the plough allows the blades to maintain belt contact.

Replacement plough blades can be supplied from Kinder Australia to correct length and are easily replaced in the unit.

A model suitable for reversing belts is also available.


High Version, Heavy Duty Twin Pole Version, Stainless Steel, Wider Belt Widths

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