Product: K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers

Lightweight & Corrosion Resistant

The K-Polymer® Conveyor Roller is the new generation heavy-duty light-weight, alternative to a steel shell roller.  It offers the best solution to roller failure caused by corrosion in humid and wet conditions.  Although the roller is light-weight (approximately 50% that of steel) it is engineered using modern polymer and fibre (HDPE) materials to substantially out last steel.  Comparative wear test proof is available on request.

The light-weight design means that risk of back injury is significantly reduced as manual handling is made easier, especially when carrying up steep inclines.

K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers are in most cases self-cleaning by not allowing carryback to stick to the non-porous shell, causing mistracking, potential spillage or belt wear.

Rollers are interchangeable with existing steel rollers by having the same diameters, bearing and shaft sizes.

K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers are installed in almost every type of belt conveying application. They are fast becoming the preferred option over conventional steel rollers.  Many users report the significant noise reduction compared to steel rollers and tests document their quiet operation.

Our standard stock range covers conventional interchangeable shaft Australian configurations, but all made-to-order dimensions can be accommodated.  All components are recyclable.


  • 50% less weight than steel
  • Belt friendly
  • Quiet
  • Corrosion, Wear, and UV Resistance

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