Product: K-Conlock® Clamp System

The wear and tear of skirting or sealing material will require the operator to provide continuous adjustment depending on the abrasive wear of the product, or the design and functionality of the transfer point.  If the skirting clamp is difficult to maintain then the necessary adjustment may not happen or promote over adjustment and then the excess pressure applied by the skirting seal damages the belt.

Performing in the same way as the K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp, the K-Conlock® Clamp System fulfils the practical requirement of a reliable and serviceable system that is free of complications and doesn’t rely on the need for special tools to maintain correct seal pressure.

The K-Conlock® Clamp System incorporates a design modification to now allow access to the outer face of the slotted arrangement – which is one of the key features of the K-Containment® Seal’s simple installation adjustment functions and allows for optimal product usage whilst in operation.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both trough conveyors and flat feeders.
  • Various types of soft skirting including K-Superskirt® can be interchanged and retained using the K-Conlock® Clamp System.  For more details refer to drawings.
  • The slots can be used as a sight for how much skirting remains.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy access to K-Containment® Seal adjusting bolts from outside chute without removing the locking plate of the K-Conlock® Clamp System.

K-Conlock® Clamp System editorial featured in The Australian Bulk Handling Review, Safety Solutions, International Mining, Bulk Inside, Dry Bulk Magazine, Mining Monthly and Bulk Online.

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