Product: K-Conlock® Clamp System

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Performing in the same way as the K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp, the K-Conlock® Clamp System fulfils the practical requirement of a reliable and serviceable system that is free of complications and doesn’t rely on the need for special tools to maintain correct seal pressure.

The K-Conlock® Clamp System incorporates a design modification to now allow access to the outer face of the slotted arrangement – which is one of the key features of the K-Containment Seal’s simple installation adjustment functions and allows for optimal product usage whilst in operation.

Key Features:

• Suitable for both trough conveyors and flat feeders.
• Various types of soft skirting including K-Superskirt® can be interchanged and retained using the K-Conlock® Clamp System.

Key Benefits:

• Cheaper ongoing skirting replacement costs compared to K-Snap-Loc®.
• Easy access to K-Containment Seal adjusting bolts from outside chute without removing the locking plate of the K-Conlock® Clamp System.

K-Conlock® Clamp System editorial featured in The Australian Bulk Handling Review, Safety Solutions, International Mining, Bulk Inside, Dry Bulk Magazine, Mining Monthly and Bulk Online.

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