Engineering Team

Kinder Australia’s Field Applications and Mechanical Engineering staff are technically trained and experienced in all aspects of conveyor and bulk materials handling engineering.

Our Team is fully focused on advancing our customers end-to-end handling processes by utilising our broad industry experience and expert engineering knowledge of emerging technologies, with productivity and safety at the core!

Our practical knowledge and installation experience have a global reach with extensive customer networks at international, national and local locations., this enables our team to listen and understand our customers’ requests and make recommendations with confidence.

Empowered with the foundations of Engineering Qualifications (Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical and Chemical) and proficiency with Conveyor Engineering/Design skills, our Engineering Team are specialists when handling complex problems with excellent precision and execution.

Kinder’s Engineering department has rapidly grown and upskilled, providing solutions to overcome some of the industry’s most challenging obstacles. Dust, spillage, vibration, and noise and have been just some of the issues that the engineers have faced when designing and improving Kinder’s products.

Cameron Portelli

Engineering Manager

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
Bachelor of Commerce

Cameron manages the Engineering department, which has been growing rapidly at Kinder Australia in recent years. As Senior Mechanical Engineer, Cameron has a deep understanding of design and problem solving. He is highly capable of cutting-edge drawing software, 3D printing/prototyping, and strategic thinking. His software skillset includes:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Simulation Finite Element Analysis
  • Helix Conveyor Design

Bradley Owen

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)(Hons)
Bachelor of Science

Bradley is a Mechanical Engineer and the main parts of his role include:

  • Designing new products to suit the needs of the market as well as customised products to suit individual customers’ requirements.
  • Ensuring high quality of Kinder products through the manufacturing process and inspection plans.
  • Creating documentation for Kinder products that covers installation, storage, and maintenance instructions.

David Zhungu

Design Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical/Electronics)(Hons)
Associate Degree Engineering (Electrical/Electronics)

David is the Design Engineer with a particular focus towards automation and electrical products. His particular skillset has allowed Kinder to become experts in Safety and Electrical Conveyor Technology and High-Capacity Belt Cleaning remote control.

Damian Gillespie

Mechanical Engineer

30+ Years Manufacturing Experience

Damian brings over three decades of invaluable manufacturing expertise to Kinder Australia’s engineering team.  Recognised as a specialist in SolidWorks and PDM (Product Data Management), Damian’s proficiency translates into innovative and efficient design solutions. He has a keen eye for detail and commitment to precision when undertaking engineering tasks for Kinder.

Jacob Kerr

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)(Hons)
Bachelor of Science

Jacob, a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering, brings a fresh skill set to the Kinder Australia engineering team.  Proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD, Jacob is recognised for crafting precise technical drawings aligned with industry standards. Beyond drafting, he actively performs Supplier Non-Conformance Reports, ensuring quality control and adherence to specifications.