Environmental Policies

Kinder Australia provides Conveyor Components for bulk material handling systems. A wide variety of standard, specialised and custom built items are supplied and our knowledge and expertise is applied to dealing with issues that our customers encounter.  As well as striving to be a supplier of choice for capital projects and replacement parts for existing plant, Kinder Australia seeks to provide innovative products into industries that use traditional methods and techniques and continually tests and expands its product range in a broad range of real world scenarios.

Kinder Australia is committed to developing and maintaining appropriate environmental procedures that will ensure the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution for the benefit of our employees, our clients and the general community.

It’s our goal to do business the way we live: by using no more than we need, respect those around us and tread lightly with a small footprint. Although this is hard to accomplish in the modern world; we believe we can assist in leaving things in a better state than we found them.

To achieve this, Kinder Australia has:

  • Identified any activities carried out by or on the behalf of the company that might have an impact on the environment.
  • Implemented appropriate control measures that will minimise any adverse effects to the environment.
  • Provided its employees, including subcontractors, with appropriate information, instruction and training to ensure that they are aware of any potential issues in the workplace that may have an effect on the environment.
  • Set measurable environmental objectives and targets aimed at gauging the effectiveness of our system.
  • Complied with all applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements for environmental management and protection as well as requirements of ISO 14001 standard.
  • Continuously improved the management system and activities of Kinder Australia to optimally manage its environmental impact.

All Kinder Australia personnel are required to work with clients, contractors, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that:

  • Daily activities in all areas meet all required environmental standards.
  • Activities are performed in such a way that any impact to the environment is monitored and limited by practical means.
  • Any incident which has, or could have, caused any impact to the environment is reported and investigated.

For more information regarding recycling initiatives in your respective area download the free RecycleSmart App, available at the Apple Store or Android Play Store or alternatively please contact Kinder Australia at [email protected]