Product: K-Commander® Conical Tracker


Conveyor belt mistracking is often the primary cause of common conveyor belt problems, including material spillage, damage to conveyor structural integrity and reduced service life of conveyor belts.

Kinder’s proprietary designed and engineered K-Commander® Conical Tracker provides a solid and high-performance alternative to traditional side guide activated tracking systems.

The innovation behind K-Commander® Conical Tracker’s “braking” technology is derived from understanding and utilising variations in tangential speed across the roller face to incite this “braking” action.  This action drags the tracker forward on the side that the belt is mis-tracking towards.

K-Commander® Conical Tracker requires no belt edge contact to engage in tracking motion.  Height adjustable brackets and cantilever roller adjustment mean the standard item suits both inline and offset profiles in all trough angles.

As an active belt tracking system, K-Commander® Conical Tracker continually tracks as opposed to alternative side guide activated tracking systems, which depends on ample contact with the side guide roller before reacting.

The key advantage of K-Commander® Conical’s symmetrical design is that it also paves the way for its use on reversible belts as there is no belt edge contact.

Key Features:

  • Cantilever rubber lagged wing rollers.
  • Telescopic base frame to suit a range of mounting hole centre dimensions.

Key Benefits:

  • Suits both reversing and non-reversing applications.
  • Suitable for any system where belt lift off is experienced, e.g trippers, as the lack of side guide rollers fails to catch on the lifting belt.
  • An active tracking system that continually responds to changes to belt deviation and delivers a better overall response.
  • Cantilevered roller adjustment also acts to increase tracking response

Assembly Includes 1 x K-Commander® Conical Tracker. 2 x Conical Wing Rollers & 2 x Centre Roller

Larger sizes to suit specific applications is available on request, contact Kinder.

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