Product: K-Containment® Seal

Lighter, yet more Durable Inner Seal

The critical component in any conveyor transfer point is an effective sealing system. The seal should be located where the material is being loaded and continue to where it becomes stable.

This is the last position to practically control spillage and dust.  To enhance the success of the outer seal or skirting, the loading area should be properly supported.

K-Containment® Seal is a high performance, low friction engineered polyurethane system offering exceptional resistance to wear. The slotted arrangement allows for installation adjustment, ensuring that material cannot be entrapped leading to premature belt damage. In many cases the outer flexible seal is ineffective in controlling spillage as an unsupported belt trying to contain the full weight of material load would be inadequate.

Instead, to effectively contain bulk material K-Containment® Seal should be installed inside the chute to handle high internal chute pressure and therefore reduce the load on the skirting seal.  The steel-backed polyurethane seal can be supplied bevelled or straight edged.

Also available in fire retardant, fire resistant and anti-static formulas (consult our sales team for details).

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