Product: K-Ultra Dual® Seal

To ensure a proper seal, conveyor skirting and sealing requires constant adjusting to prevent material spillage and dust emissions.  Kinder Australia overcomes the requirements of skirting maintenance and replacement with the K-Ultra Dual® Seal, available in Standard and Exceed Version.  Both skirting and sealing product offerings save on maintenance time and belt repair costs.

K-Ultra Dual® Seal – Standard Version consists of a double layer Rubber/Polyurethane Composite skirting rubber.  The interior wear resistant layer of polyurethane exceeds the wear life of traditional rubber-only skirting, whilst the outer anti-dust integral moulding can adapt to belt vibration and maintain the correct pressure to effectively seal the belt.

The K-Ultra Dual® Seal – Exceed Version goes one step further and provides a highly effective all in one material and dust containment solution.  Made of highly durable 100% solid Argonics Patented Kryptane® Polyurethane, delivering exceptional wear resistance and is very belt friendly.

K-Ultra Dual® Seal – Standard Version

When installed the inner body of the K-Ultra Dual® Seal is adjusted so that it clears the belt surface between 3 to 5mm.  The dimensions are 150mm x 15mm and it is supplied in a 10 metre roll.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces dust leakage
  • Wear resistant
  • Low contact pressure
  • Long life
  • Belt friendly

K-Ultra Dual® Seal – Exceed Version is very adaptable and will work with the majority of existing skirting and clamping systems, including K-Lock® Wedge Skirting Clamp.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, compact and smaller footprint
  • Easy to install, requiring less conveyor belt width/surface on the outside of the conveyor chute.
  • Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, in lengths of 15.25 metres
  • Rounded secondary seal is applicable with any trough angle

The primary section can be in contact with the conveyor belt due to its softer durometer and low coefficient of friction.  The advantage of it’s flexible secondary seal, is that it conforms to the conveyor belt and keeps dust and material spillage well under control.

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