Product: K-Weigh Rollers and Frames

K-Weigh Rollers are made to suit all dimensions, but they all share the same technical characteristics.

K-Weigh Rollers are accurately machined and tested to achieve a total indicated runout of 0.13mm together with a maximum out of balance measurement of 0.014 Nm static and a dynamic balance grade of G16 or better on request.

In order to ensure minimal vibration and maximum accuracy of the weightometers, K-Weigh Roller shafts are fitted with levelling screws in the shaft ends to provide fine tuning adjustments.

The use of weigh quality idler frames is also paramount to verify your conveyor belt scale(s) accuracy.  These in-line idler frames are used to eliminate any secondary moments occurring around the roller.

As the belt weighing device is designed to record the mass of the product and belt to a high degree of accuracy, it is also critical that any vibration is minimised.

For any Weigh Idler application, the standard practice is to install a minimum of two idler sets before and after the weigh scale, in order to ensure the load is settled before it passes over the weigh scale.

Replacement Weigh Frames can also be supplied. These are produced using a standardised trough profile to ensure that the belt passes over the scale as smoothly as possible.

General Specification Suitability:

Belt Width Options:  350-2500mm  / Roller Diameter Sizes:  102-194mm

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