Product: Polyurethane Blades – Super Eraser HD™ Primary Belt Cleaning System

Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaners play a vital role in keeping conveyor belts running smoothly and efficiently.

The issue of material carryback, commonly referred to as any excess fugitive material that sticks to the underside of the return belt beyond the discharge point at the head pulley is a leading case of conveyor system inefficiencies.

Super Eraser HD™ is ideally used for conveyors with large, crowned head pulleys, big loads, harsh conditions and/or fast belt speeds.

Designed for extreme strength and durability this belt cleaning system utilises segmented blade technology, large 269mm tall polyurethane blade and 6mm thick, 89mm x 89mm tube stock steel mainframe and corrosion-resistant, galvanised Schedule 160 pipe stub ends to handle the harshest environments.


  • Segmented blade lengths available in 152mm, 305mm and 457mm which can be used for any combination more effective cleaning.
  • Perma-Torque™ internal central tensioner, adjustable from 40 to 183 Nm resulting in uniform cleaning pressure to the conveyor belt.
  • Compact mounting footprint only protrudes 140mm from mounting structure.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes excessive carry back whilst reducing belt wear.
  • Extends service life of belt.
  • Reduces cleaning up costs and maintenance issues.
  • Improves overall site performance.
  • Improves safety and environmental impacts.

Safe Torque Ratchet System

Uniquely designed solid urethane ratchet style adjustment device, specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Patented Perma-Torque™ tensioning system.


  • Ability to tension a conveyor belt cleaning system using one hand.
  • Safer operation, with no kickback or pins.
  • Easier to tension and useful in confined areas.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Provides complete sealing.

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Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System editorial featured in Dry Bulk Magazine.

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