Product: K-Wind Guards

Something as simple as a crosswind on a conveyor without a cover can cause the conveyor belt to mistrack. In particular, high conveyor structures with steep inclines can be prone to this type of mistracking due to the exposure to high winds. Other factors such as the conveyor belt width, the weight of the bulk material pulling on the belt, as well as the troughing angle, all combine to affect the overall product surface that is caught by the wind.

The off-centre belt tracking of the belt occurs when a belt is constantly subjected to a sidewind. To help prevent the conveyor belt mistracking, as well as potential product loss from the crosswind, we recommend the installation a series of K-Wind Guards to act as an effective shield from the elements.

Key Features:

  • 1.2mm thick ZincAnneal steel sheet
  • Cross breaks for added stiffening
  • Hemmed edges to avoid injury

Conveyor Idler K-Wind Guards are manufactured in two sizes. They are bolted to idler sets to prevent the conveyor belt lifting caused by cross wind.

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