Product: K-Commander® Series Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions

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Misaligned conveyor belts have the potential to cause many problems associated with the conveying of bulk materials. This includes material spillage and reduced life to conveyor belting and the conveyor structure.

Ideally a pivoting, self-centralising, belt training system, which rotates freely when the belt experiences mistracking behaviour should be installed.  Other options include fixed tracking solutions without rotating structure.

K-Commander® Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions Range:

1.        K-Commander® Prime Tracker

2.       K-Commander® Control Series S & R

3.       K-Commander® Direct Series TR HD

4.       K-Commander® Direct Series TR SD

5.       K-Commander® Direct Series R

6.       K-Commander® Guide Series INV

7.       K-Commander® Tracking Discs

K-Commander® Prime Tracker

Flexible, All-Direction Belt Tracking

Features flexible 360° rotational capability for correct and optimal conveyor belt tracking.

The separate axial and rotational function mean the double axis pivot bush can be utilised to achieve a completely free 360° pivot.

The K-Commander® Prime Tracker has been designed with two key stages.  The first stage focuses on the inner shell which contains the shaft and an engineered pivoting bush allowing the axial movement of the tracker.  The inner shell is protected by a flexible EPDM rubber boot.

The second stage focuses on the roller bearings, which allows the rotational movement of the tracker.  The roller bearings connect the inner shell and the outer shell and are protected by a labyrinth seal.

K-Commander® Control Series

Return Side Conveyor Belt Tracking

The installation of the K-Commander® Control Series is only for the return side, being the most critical surface of the belt in order to maintain belt alignment.  The unique engineered action of the central ball and socket link is encased in a rubber covered steel tube.  This protects the internal mechanics and ensures that the belt runs true.

K-Commander® Direct Series

The installation of K-Commander® Direct Series Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions can also assist with correct conveyor belt tracking.  These are a “pivoting base style”, available in both trough and return applications automatically providing belt centring.  The outboard servo rollers cause the idler frame to pivot as they contact the belt edge and this swivel action causes the belt to realign automatically.

To further aid belt tracking, Kinder offer rubber lagged rollers (trough and return) as an option for your belt tracker. This results in the following:

  • Better tracking performance in heavy duty applications.
  • Increased roller durability against the constant scuffing nature roller shells in trackers experience.
  • Increased belt training response.

K-Commander® Tracking Discs

The K-Commander® Tracking Discs fits both flat and vee return rollers as well as “some troughing rollers”.  Ideally, they are located in pairs prior to the tail pulley to help align the conveyor belt, and so eliminating spillage from mis-tracked belts.  They can also be installed after the feed area on troughing sets to help keep the belt aligned.

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation – split on one side to slip over the roller.  No need to remove rollers.
  • High wear resistant grade of Polyurethane used.
  • No damage to belt edges.
  • Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (Uncertified FRAS).

K-Commander® Guide Series INV

An all-purpose conveyor belt alignment idler ideally suited to short centred or reversing conveyor applications.

The two inverted vee rollers, put pressure down onto the belt, promoting centralised belt training.  The universal frame adjusts to all types of mounting structures and is installed just after the head pulley, or prior to the tail pulley.

Key benefits:

  • Limits belt damage and controls spillage.
  • Suitable for reversing belts and easy to install.
  • Available for all belt widths, ex-stock.

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