Product: Tungsten Carbide Blades – K-Calibre® Primary Belt Cleaner

A highly effective and performing tungsten carbide primary H series belt cleaning blade and tensioning system suitable for the most demanding and heavy duty applications, including quarrying, bulk, sugar and mining and minerals industries.

Each K-Calibre® Primary Belt Cleaning blade is equipped with a Rubber Torsion Arm Module (RTAM) successfully eliminating belt damage and allows for quick-elastic scraping.  The RTAM key feature also enables simultaneous absorption of vibration and noise.  As well as the ability to quickly return to the original position after passing residues.

The K-Calibre®  Primary Belt Cleaner is relatively maintenance-free, bypassing any abrasion and belt wear issues commonly experienced with similar blade and tensioning systems on the market.

Key Benefits:

  • Each blade with Rubber Torsion Arm Module (RTAM)
  • Cost-saving / lighter blade
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Belt friendly
  • Easy visual tension check
  • Cost-saving spring tension
  • Easy installation, adjustment, and maintenance

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