Product: TailScrape – Fully Integrates with AirScrape®


TailScrape fully integrates with AirScrape® to deliver outstanding sealing at the rear area, resulting in next level dust control, material spillage reductions and significant cost savings and resources.

The Tailscrape proprietary and intelligent blade structure on the underside ensures a negative pressure environment within the conveying area.  The negative pressure created prevents dust and other material spillage from escaping through the millimetre-thick gap, by up to 100%.

The unique Tailscrape design works without contact to the belt, this feature eliminates potential damage to the belt.  Therefore, allowing it to operate freely and permanently without ongoing maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple installation.
  • Minimises dust generation and the risk of dust explosions.
  • No material spillage and high efficiency with coarse material applications.
  • High efficiency with fine material applications (dust is contained in the material flow by air intake).
  • No Belt cover or skirting wear due to a lack of contact and therefore friction.
  • Reduces the load on the drive system (no belt friction).
  • Maintenance and replacement cost reductions.
  • Heat, flame-resistant, anti-static and FDA approved materials are available upon request.

TailScrape is available in small, medium and large size for all belt widths and can also be precisely mounted to match all current AirScrape® models.

When installed in conjunction with AirScrape®, TailScrape provides optimal sealing at the transfer point.  This synergy delivers a highly effective barrier against dust generation, material spillage reduction and environmental protection.


At the rear area of the transfer point, a steel plate is used matching the contour of the belt trough.  Ideally, the plate is mounted at a maximum distance of 10mm from the belt.

The TailScrape is cut to size to match the chute width, bent into the trough profile and meet the AirScrapes mounted on the side.  The TailScrape is then fixed and adjusted to the belt by means of slotted holes and lifting elements allowing almost no gap or contact.

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