Product: K-Flexiroller Flexible Conveyor Idler

The K-Flexiroller is a flexible conveyor idler comprising a steel cable made of wire of 180Kg./mm2 with a breaking strength of 6600kg. This metallic core, preformed and greaseless, is vulcanized together with the body of the idler in a single piece, this being its principal characteristic: there is no assembly between the cable, the shaft lining and the wheels.

Key Features:

  • The belt adapts uniformly to the K-Flexiroller conveyor idlers.
  • The K-Flexiroller conveyor idler has only two bearings, permanently auto-lubtricated, and sealed in the ends of the idlers.
  • Greater resistance to impact.
  • The rubber is highly abrasion resistant.
  • The K-Flexiroller idler is self cleaning due to the relative movement of the disc.
  • It will not wear the belt.
  • It assists with belt alignment.
  • Due its excellent flexibility, the K-Flexiroller idler self-aligns and arranges to form a catenary, allowing the centring of the load, avoiding spillage over the belt edge.
  • Greater capacity of load potential due to its trough angle (up to 45°).

Key Improvements:

  • The K-Flexiroller is fully water-tight and its exclusive design avoids moisture penetration to the metallic core.
  • Monobloc design of the body of rubber avoids the displacement of the wheels.
  • Fewer moving parts reduces the potential for breakdowns and results in longer running life of the idler.
  • Greater adherence to the belt.

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