Product: Ceramic Tips – K-Smartscraper® Primary Belt Cleaner

The K-Smartscraper® Belt Cleaner is a new and highly effective concept in belt cleaning. It is lightweight in construction (weighing only 9kg) and is a high-performance alternative to conventional tungsten carbide blade style belt cleaners.

The cleaning edge of the K-Smartscraper® is made up of a series of high quality, abrasion resistant, ceramic tips. Hardness is a good indicator of a material’s ability to withstand wear and abrasion. Ceramics composed with high Alumina content (92%), achieve the hardness of approximately 9 on the MOHS scale (diamond = 10).

The ceramic tips are angled to clean the conveyor belt closely and efficiently, even if the belt is worn in the centre, or a crowned pulley is used to drive the belt. Any potential for gaps increasing between the belt and the tips is minimised by the K-Smartscraper® spring-tensioned mounting system.

The simplicity of the design of the K-Smartscraper® makes it easy for installation as well as easy to maintain. It is suitable for wet, powdery, sticky and high temperature materials including iron ore, limestone, coal, sinter, quarried products, clay, fertiliser and clinker.

The key benefits of this Ceramic Tip Primary Belt Cleaner are:

  • Mounts at the head drum, achieving a cleaning performance efficiency level of up to 90% removal of all carryback within the material flow.
  • Reduces conveyor mistracking and structural damage potential.
  • Improves productivity levels.
  • Removes labour safety hazard as minimises accumulation of fugitive material around the conveyor structure and surrounds.
  • Self-adjusting spring-tensioned diagonal mount maintains consistent low contact pressure against the conveyor belt.
  • Requires less ongoing adjustment maintenance.
  • Simple to mount, utilises wire construction. Mounting requires less labour and less downtime.

Ceramic Tip Primary Belt Cleaner, K-Smartscraper® editorial featured in Dry Bulk Magazine.

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