Product: Ceramic Tips – K-Smartscraper® Primary Belt Cleaner

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The K-Smartscraper® Primary Belt Cleaner is a new and highly effective concept in belt cleaning, forming part of Kinder Australia’s range of Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners.  It is lightweight in construction (weighing only 9kg) and is a high performance alternative to conventional tungsten carbide blade style belt cleaners.

The key benefits of this Ceramic Tip Primary Belt Cleaner are:

  • Mounts at the head drum, achieving a cleaning performance efficiency level of up to 90% removal of all carryback within the material flow.
  • Reduces conveyor mistracking and structural damage potential.  Improves productivity levels.
  • Removes labour safety hazard as minimises accumulation of fugitive material around the conveyor structure and surrounds.
  • Self-adjusting spring-tensioned diagonal mount maintains consistent low contact pressure against the conveyor belt. Requires less ongoing adjustment maintenance.
  • Simple to mount, utilises wire construction. Mounting requires less labour and less downtime.
  • Utilises high alumina content ceramic tips replaces conventional tungsten carbide blades.  Ceramic rates as 9 on the MHOS scale (diamond = 10). High abrasion resistance so last longer.
  • Mounting options include Cross-type (standard), V-type and Paired.

Suitable for all belt widths. Not suitable for conveyor belts with mechanical fasteners, or damaged conveyor belts.

Ceramic Tip Primary Belt Cleaner, K-Smartscraper® editorial featured in Dry Bulk Magazine.

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