Kinder’s team of field application specialists and engineers understand what matters to you; Safety and Productivity. Keeping your operation running smoothly with minimal downtime and maintenance, whilst ensuring the site is clean and safe.

In certain applications, the risk of explosive fires is heightened by the potential ignition of a simple static electrical spark, posing a threat to both operators and the overall integrity of the site.

The key to mitigating the dangers of static electricity lies in the adoption of Fire Retardant Anti Static (FRAS) products. Kinder Australia’s FRAS products are specially designed to dissipate static electricity safely, reducing the risk of sparks that can lead to ignition.

Unique to Kinder Australia is the specialised AirScrape® and TailScrape, available in FRAS. AirScrape® is a highly effective conveyor skirting and sealing system that acts as a side seal, suspended over the conveyor belt. It makes no contact with the conveyor belt.

Kinder’s K-Spiromax® has proven successful as a reliable tracking and cleaning solution for Ø166. K-Spiromax® has been engineered with wear-resistant FRAS polyurethane spirals that help to remove sticky carry back and assist in belt centre and tracking.

Additional Kinder FRAS Solutions

Polyurethane Skirting — Durometer RU69 & RU83
K-Containment® Seal
K-Super Block

Polyurethane Cleaning Blades — Durometer RU69 & RU83
EraserTM systems available with tungsten / stainless steel inserts

Rubber Lagged Pulleys
K-Conveyor Pulleys (with FRAS lagging)

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder