Ever wondered how KINDER INNOVATIONS come to life?

The journey from the beginning….K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idler.
In the heart of Western Australia’s mining hub, our “Mining Giant” client faced a GIANT PROBLEM!
Frequent Failures at the Load Zone.

With $1.5 million on the line per hour of downtime.

The presssure was on to INNOVATE!
Our client trialed 3 transfer point solutions to extend idler service life and improve wear to the belt’s top cover.
All 3 ATTEMPT failed!!
Enter Kinder Australia’s Engineers, who after a site inspection during peak iron processing, designed four unique concepts.
The standout?
K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idler, with its cost-effective and maintenance-friendly design.
The Kinder Frames Are Bullet Proof. “An internal company source”.
The results were staggering:
  • no more unscheduled shutdowns
  • extended service internals, and
  • a 30% increase in conveyor belt life
From a monthly headache to an 18-month success, the K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idler didn’t just meet expectations—it exceeded them!

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