K-Rotabrush® Conveyor Belt Cleaners are Kinder’s solution to the most challenging belt cleaning conditions and product finishing applications.

These compact cleaners are constructed from segmented poly core with nylon bristles or a unique Rubber or Polyurethane bristle design.

The rotary action of the K-Rotabrush® sweeps wet, dry, sticky, hydroscopic, statically charged and abrasive conveyed materials off the conveyor belt.

K-Rotabrush® delivers superior cleaning performance without compromising belt wear, they’re also simple to install and require minimal maintenance.

Whether it’s Salt, Sugar, Fertiliser, Wood, or Cement Dust, these cleaners are up to the task.

They can even be used where mechanical splices are present or where belt top cover condition is poor.

The K-Rotabrush® comes in various designs, including Rubber, Nylon Full Filled, Nylon Spiral Wound, Polyurethane and available for belt widths between 450 to 2400.

Customised shaft length to suit any application. Stainless steel shaft and mounting plates available. Configurations to suit all applications are available upon request, contact Kinder.

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