Product: Eratrowel – Cold Trowelable Urethane

Kinder Australia’s Eratrowel – Cold Trowelable Urethane MT80A is a two component, room temperature cure MDI polyurethane repair system. The resin composition of this system produces an elastomeric material with exceptional toughness, high elongation, and excellent tensile and tear strength combined with optimum abrasion resistance. It has the added advantage of being MDI based and is therefore less toxic than traditional TDI based systems.

The mixed system becomes a smooth, trowelable paste in 1 – 2 minutes and possesses a pot life of 8 minutes at ambient conditions. The two components undergo an initial reaction on mixing to produce a degree of thixotropy sufficient to prevent sagging.

Cold Trowelable Urethane was formulated primarily for the repair of various types of urethane parts and components. This system may also be utilised as a sealant or lining material, as well as for other high-stress industrial applications. In addition, MT80A may also be applied to other plastic, rubber as well as, steel and metal substrates by priming the surface, as an anti-wear repair resin.

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