Product: K-Ceramic Lining Products

K-Ceramic Lining Products provide a solution to extreme abrasion caused by the transport of bulk materials, slurries and dust. K-Ceramic Lining product range covers tiles and shapes of varying thickness, sizes and shapes for fixing by welding, bolting or epoxy adhesion. Cast shapes designed for special purpose and rubber backed mats are used in high impact applications. Each application must be evaluated, taking into account the size of material, velocity and feed details. All of these factors determine the choice of system used.

Hardness is a good indicator of a material’s ability to withstand mechanical wear and abrasion. Ceramics composed of high Alumina content (Al2O3) pressed and fired to achieve a dense ceramic liner have a hardness of approximately 9 on the MOHS scale (Diamond = 10).

Cast shapes designed for special purposes and composite rubber backed mats are also available so that material impact may be tolerated.

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