Product: K-Rubber Liners

Kinder Australia’s K-Rubbers Liners for chutes and transfer points are selected to absorb as much impact as possible.  Replaceable steel backed rubber elements are sized to account for impact energy based on the drop height and material particle size.  Elements may be fixed by countersunk bolts with rubber plug or stud-weld bolts.  Rubber has long been recognised as a wear resistant material and proven to be a durable substitute for steel.  It offers maximum protection against wear, noise and material build up.

K-Rubbers Liners cover a wide variety of special grades and profiles. They are available in standard moulds or can be custom built to shape. The properties of vulcanised rubber are dependent on the raw rubber used.  Tear strength, hardness, durability, chemical and abrasion resistance are properties selected to meet the application.

In applications where the material is sticky, a softer rubber liner may be hung within the chute. The liners movement will reject the caked material.
Applications: Bins and Hoppers; Conveyor Transfer Points; Crusher Bowl Liners; and Chutes, Diverter Gates and Feeders.

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