Product: K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining

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K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining Solution is a unique proprietary kryptane urethane anti-wear liner, purposely engineered to meet the particular demands of your application specific material.  Whether your wear issue is sliding abrasion, impact damage, sticking material or excessive corrosion, lightweight K-Superline® provides the following key benefits:

  • Longer lasting anti-wear protection
  • Reduced material hangup
  • Greater tear resistance
  • Simplified installation
  • Significantly lower noise levels

Kinder Australia’s K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining Solution is a stronger and more elastic version than all other outwardly similar polyurethane products.  It is based on a patented chemical formula, with a modified molecular structure to alternative polyurethane materials.

By correctly matching the K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining System characteristics, the specific product type, the angle of impact and the existing wear liner issue, K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining will provide a genuine improvement as a replacement for polyethylene, rubber, UHMWPE and Steel wear liners.

Also available in fire retardant, fire resistant and anti-static formulas (consult our sales team for details).

K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining editorial featured in Powder Handling.

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