A fundamental component of the conveyor system are the idler frames. These are quite literally the backbone of the conveyor.

If the Conveyor Idler Frames are not well profiled and positioned, the belt is at increased risk of misalignment. Misalignment can lead to uneven wear and damage to the conveyor belt itself, or disastrous material spillage. It’s a costly productivity issue to have – and it often stems from poor frame set-up.

The team at Kinder Australia are able to assist with proactive site analysis and audits. They can check your site’s framework from all angles to ensure that it is level and square, whilst advising whether your conveyor is at risk of misalignment.

We can recommend the ideal idler frame to fit, to providing an optimal and supported conveyor.

Products Available:

Adjustable Conveyor Trough Frames
K-Vee Return Idler Frame
K-HD Retractable Impact Frame
K-Retractable Idler/Impact Frames
K-Commander® Tracking Frames
K-Ergo Swift Return Idler Frame
K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idler Frame

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