A range of Kinder Australia’s products were a big hit at the recent Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) National Conference as the industry continues in its quest to limit on-site dust levels.

The sector’s strong focus on reducing dust has been fuelled in large part by health regulations related to the risks of airborne contamination and the desire to curtail expensive material waste.

It was for these reasons Kinder Australia’s purpose-built K-Cleatscrape Belt Cleaner attracted so much attention at the recent conference, according to the company’s Field Application Specialist Anthony Ockers.

“There has been a lot of interest in all our different products,” he told Quarry. “But the thing that has been most popular is the belt cleaners for dust suppression, which definitely links back to a strong focus on health these days.

“Reducing the amount of dust on-site is clearly a priority for this sector, so we are tackling that with our designs.”

The K-Cleatscrape is a high-grade solution against stubborn carry back on cleated belts. Constructed using comb-shaped technology, it can be fitted in multiple directions and cover the width of an entire belt.

According to Ockers, these units have seen outstanding results in the field due to their role in decreasing maintenance and environmental costs. They are compatible with vulcanised rubber and metal cleats, and can be easily retrofitted to existing systems.

Kinder’s focus lies in delivering practical solutions to quarrying and other heavyprocess industries, Ockers said. Drawing on the most successful approaches to bulk handling from around the world, Kinder now has a global reach, focusing on evolving industry needs such as safety and compliance.

“Our products are designed around efficiency, productivity and also operator safety,” Ockers said. “When it comes to things like occupational, health and safety, you don’t want people trying to clean underneath conveyor structures and putting themselves at risk.

“Customers will come to us with a problem, such as a troublesome belt, and we do a report to assess the issue. Then we recommend and provide a solution to them,

The K-Cleatscrape belt cleaner uses a unique finger design to fight stubborn carryback.  Anthony Ockers proudly manned Kinder’s exhibit at the IQA National Conference.

whether that is something off the shelf or custom designed by our engineering team.”

Alongside the K-Cleatscrape, Kinder was showcasing several other products applicable to quarrying environments at the IQA Conference. These included the company’s lightweight belt jack, and protective idler guard.

The K-Belt Jack is a compact, transportable apparatus utilised for elevating tensioned conveyor belts. With a 250kg weight capacity, the frame only requires one person to operate and can significantly increase the safety of workshop maintenance.

“This one is particularly useful for the changeover of rollers,” Ockers said. “If one person tries to lift a heavy belt and change the roller at the same time, that presents a safety issue. With this, no part of your body will be underneath the load.”

Kinder’s K-Protector Return Idler Guard was also drawing interest at the conference. Keeping in line with the theme of safety, this product boasts simplicity and noninterference with site productivity, aimed at minimising hazardous points.

Designed to fit all standard roller diameters and belt widths, this widely compatible guard can be installed wherever hands may be at risk of getting nipped – usually where the belt and roller meet. Additionally, the K-Protector Return Idler Guard can act as a basket to catch rollers in the event of idler failure

Each of these designs offers targeted answers to common daily issues on a quarrying site, and Ockers was excited to share those benefits with visitors to the Kinder booth.

Having a chance to talk to people and delve a little deeper into their potential applications face-to-face is a critical factor in servicing the industry, and Ockers was grateful for the opportunity.

“A lot of people are already aware of Kinder because we have an established reputation in the market,” he said. “Talking to people at a conference is different, because you are not on-site and so to recommend the right thing you need to ask a lot of questions.

“We were building connections and showing people how Kinder can provide excellent solutions.”

Article courtesy Quarry Magazine.

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