Our prominent quarry customer produces and supplies high quality, sustainable concrete, aggregate and quarry solutions across New Zealand and Australia.  The new mobile plant stationed at New Zealand’s South Island was built to an original equipment manufacturers specification.  The plant’s project scope delivered a mobile plant that accommodated a specific tonnage and product, localised intricacies such as type of rock or abrasiveness properties are not specifically factored in during the plant’s design process.


  • Maximise mobile plant crushing & screening productivity.
  • Unprotected steel plates within high impact zones
  • Increasing costs and production down-time to replace wear plates every three months.


Through the impressive K-Red-Liner® Ceramic installation our customer reports eliminating the need for patch-up/repair jobs in this high impact chute area every production shutdown.  Wear-prone areas of the operations have been rectified, with cost savings realised by the quarry operator extend to not needing to replace prior utilised steel plates every three months.  So confident of Kinder’s promise of a highly durable and longer lasting anti-wear solution, our quarry operator has implemented the installation of K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining (G83 PU 12mm and B93 PU 25mm sheet) in other areas of their operations, within both the fixed and mobile plant operations.


  • Wear problems solved
  • Product performance well above expectations.
  • Cost savings realised, with extended wear life of panels.
  • Further on-site productivity improvement gains through conveyor belt support and skirting/seal installations.

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