K-Safeguard Conveyor Belt Cleaner

K-Safeguard Conveyor Belt Cleaner

The K-Safeguard Vee Plough Belt Cleaner is an innovative floating return-side belt cleaner specifically crafted for single-direction conveyors.  This cleaner is adept at significantly reducing spillage and extraneous material from the return side of the belt while also acting as a safeguard for the tail pulley.  By doing so, it contributes to improved belt tracking and helps minimise maintenance costs and downtime.

The plough cleaner’s fine-tuning is facilitated through an adjustment turnbuckle supporting the plough nose.  K-Safeguard Vee Ploughs are engineered to be self-adjusting, ensuring that as the blades wear, the floating design enables them to maintain consistent contact with the belt.

For added convenience, replacement plough blades can be easily obtained from Kinder Australia, tailored to the correct length, and seamlessly replaced within the unit.

Additionally, a model designed for reversing belts is also offered.


  • High Version
  • Heavy Duty Twin Pole Version
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wider Belt Widths

The K-Safeguard Diagonal/Reversing Plough Conveyor Belt Cleaner is meticulously engineered to effectively clean the interior of the conveyor belt during its return journey. Its primary function is to eliminate any sizable lumps that pose a potential threat to the belt or the tail pulley lagging if permitted to traverse this section.

In contrast to the K-Safeguard Vee Plough, which allows material to shed on both sides of the conveyor, the K-Safeguard Diagonal/Reversing Plough exclusively discharges to one side, making it suitable for deployment on reversing conveyors.

Specifically designed to be positioned at the tail and take-up on the return side of the belt, the K-Safeguard Reversing/Diagonal Plough offers a trailing configuration.

Achieving precise adjustments for the plough is facilitated by adjustment nuts supporting the plough body at each end.

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