AirScrape® – Highest Standard Dust Control Innovation

AirScrape® – Highest Standard Dust Control Innovation

With a focus on material handling and conveyor systems, efficiency and cleanliness are paramount.  AirScrape® contact-free conveyor skirting and sealing system emerges as a game-changer, providing an innovative and highly effective solution to address challenges associated with dust emission, spillage, and material loss at critical transfer points.

The distinctive feature of AirScrape® lies in its unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae. This design ingeniously guides external air into the middle of the conveyor belt, generating a powerful suction effect. As the material moves along with the belt, the suction effect captures and contains fine dust particles within the conveyor section. Moreover, the lamellae redirect coarse materials back towards the middle of the belt, significantly reducing spillage.

The patented design of AirScrape® delivers a triple-fold positive impact. Firstly, it drastically reduces material spillage, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient operation. Secondly, by curbing dust formation, it contributes to a healthier working environment while mitigating explosion hazards. Thirdly, the system’s ability to hover freely above the conveyor belt eliminates skirt friction and minimises belt damage, thereby extending the service life of critical conveyor components.

The advantages of AirScrape® extend beyond its ingenious design.  This revolutionary solution accommodates both large and fine particles, making it versatile for a range of applications. The hardened steel blades effectively reduce skirt wear, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, the elimination of belt-skirt friction results in reduced motor power requirements, offering energy efficiency benefits.

Installation of AirScrape® is both straightforward and cost-effective. Utilising existing clamping systems, it can be easily integrated into conveyor systems. The system comes in pairs of left and right-hand side 2-metre inter-connectable pieces, offering flexibility to form any required length. Available in sizes Large, Medium, and Small, AirScrape® accommodates belt overhangs (G) ranging from 55 to 143 mm.

AirScrape® installation is facilitated by spacers, allowing the blades to float freely 0–1 mm above the belt. The attachment to the outside of the chute employs lifting tensioners via a simple screw system. Moreover, the system is longitudinally and laterally adjustable, ensuring a precise fit that follows the contours of conveyor belt rollers and the belt trough angle.

In today’s bulk materials handling landscape, operators are focussed on environmental protection, workplace safety, and operational efficiency.   Airscape® helps to minimise product loss, reducing maintenance and replacement costs and contributes to a cleaner working environment.  AirScrape® sets a new standard in conveyor technology and innovation, proving that progress and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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