Emergency safety switches are essential components when it comes to conveyor systems, as the well-being of personnel relies heavily on the proper installation of these crucial devices.

Kinder, at the forefront of cutting-edge safety and electrical control technology solutions, offers a range of products to bolster safety and efficiency within your conveyor systems. Among our offerings, you’ll find the ZS 80 KST / ZS 92 S / KST Emergency Pull Wire Switch, ZS 92 SR / KST Belt Alignment Switch, and ZS 71 Belt Rip Detector Switch & Wire Kit.

Our Emergency Pull Wire Switches guarantee an immediate shutdown in case of an emergency. With a simple pull, this switch halts the conveyor, providing comprehensive protection for both your equipment and your workforce. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of industries, from mining to manufacturing. The ZS 80 KST and ZS 92 S models are engineered for utmost durability, reliability, and peace of mind.

Precise belt alignment is of paramount importance in ensuring smooth operations. Our Belt Alignment Switch, ZS 92 SR / KST, diligently monitors belt alignment and prevents costly misalignments. It swiftly detects any deviations and triggers instant corrections, effectively reducing downtime. Additionally, its quick and easy installation can significantly minimise downtime and associated costs. The unit also issues immediate alerts, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimising disruptions.

When it comes to the integrity of your conveyor belt, the ZS 71 Belt Rip Detector Switch is your reliable safeguard. This product is designed to prevent a simple rip in your conveyor belt from escalating into catastrophic failure and incurring costly downtime. The ZS 71 Belt Rip Detector Switch, when paired with our comprehensive wire kit, offers a complete solution for belt rip detection. In the event of a belt rip, any material or section of the conveyor belt caught by the wire will activate the switch, bringing the conveyor operation to a halt.

Choose Kinder for state-of-the-art safety and electrical conveyor technology that sets new standards for your operation’s safety and efficiency.

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